The Meaty Crock Pot: 277 Crock Pot Chicken & Beef Recipes (Slow Cooker Recipes) (Slow Cooker Meat Recipes Book 1)

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All slow cooker recipes have one thing on their side: TIME!! Normally cooked foods cannot compare to slow cooked foods when it comes to flavor and texture.
I want to dedicate a whole book to Slow Cooker Chicken & Beef Recipes simply because I personally find chicken and beef slow cooker recipes to be the most delicious of all slow cooker recipes. Pretty much every chicken and beef recipe you can think of can be cooked using the slow cooker, and this book is the written proof of this fact. After trying out these recipes, you will not want to go back to conventional recipes, EVER!!
Before we get started with the recipes, I would like you to give you a few tips about the Crockpot. Following these will make sure you get optimum results with each recipe.
Author David Maxwell
Binding Kindle Edition
Format Kindle eBook
NumberOfPages 303
PublicationDate 2016-05-04
ReleaseDate 2016-05-04